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LIVE Sunday Worship 10:00am

Worship, Live Music, Scripture, Holy Eucharist, Fellowship 


Please bring a mask and socially distance.

​ In 2023, Covid 19 is still a factor in our lives. We pray that it is in retreat. 

Local and worldwide reactions to Covid can change quickly.

On this website and on FaceBook, we will work to  keep the members and

friends of Iroquois Ave. Christ Lutheran informed on how we continue to

join in worship, service, education, and fellowship in difficult times.


For most recent updates and news, check our FaceBook page. 

The IACLC news and the sermon will be posted there.


The Children's Christmas Pageant 

The pageant was Sunday, December 18, 2022  at

10:00am during the worship service. 

It told a story about a big box that held 

a very special gift for all mankind.

Thanks to everyone, all the children and adults,

who helped to make the pageant possible.

Youth Sunday January 29, 2023

We do something special on the fifth Sunday of the month. This time, the kids lead the service: reading the lessons, prayers, and hymns. For the sermon hymn, they had us all up. We all  joined in a circle, singing "Peace Like a River", raising arms to the music  and dancing along.

Christmas Food Pantry

A special Christmas Food Pantry was held on Friday morning, December 9, 2022 at 9:30am. People started lining up, in the dark, at 7:30am. The usually choice of food was offered with milk, two types of meat, and lots of fresh vegetables.


In addition, a special Christmas "Shop" was set up in the gym. Everyone, child or adult, was allowed to pick out a

free Christmas gift.


Over one hundred clients came to the Food Pantry, many more were waiting for their family member to bring home the needed food and welcome treats. The Pantry will  be open on December 16 and 23.

Please consider making a tax deductible donation to keep the Pantry going. You may use credit or debit cards on this

website's "Giving" page or mail a check to our secure mailbox. 


Because Gleaners, our main source of food, will be closed, the Pantry will not be open December 30.